Display Freezers

Display Fridges

Display fridges occupy a prominent space in your store and help preserve a number of perishable products. They’re also some of the most abused appliances in stores and other such locations because customers usually have access to them. Visitors to your store will open and close the display fridge doors carelessly, or leave them partially open, and cause other such problems. This can compromise the performance of the fridge and damage it over time. At Sub Zero Refrigeration Systems, we can help minimise this damage and ensure your fridge performs reliably at all times.

Quick Response to Emergencies 

A malfunctioning display fridge can cause a number of problems to a business. All of the products stored in the fridge are at risk of being spoiled if the appliance isn’t repaired quickly. Malfunctioning display fridges will also have an impact on your business reputation as your customers will notice the problem and attribute it to carelessness and poor maintenance. Needless to say, you need quick assistance and repairs if you want to save your products and reputation and that’s where we can help:

  • You can call our emergency number anytime and get prompt response. Our lines are open 24/7 and our technicians are always on hand to help.
  • Our customer care executive will ask a number of questions even as they dispatch a technician in your direction. They will relay all information you provide to the technician to ensure they’re prepared for the job.
  • Our technician will arrive at your location in fully-equipped vans and ready to tackle the problem head immediately. They’ll assess the display fridge carefully to determine the problem before they come up with a solution that will help.

Our technicians will ensure your display fridges are up and running in no time so your business won’t face any downtime or product losses.

Regular Maintenance 

The best way to avoid an emergency situation is to have regular maintenance contracts. Unexpected breakdowns can still happen but regular maintenance will minimise the chances. Our technicians can come to your properly on a predetermined schedule to clean, repair, and service your display fridges. Here’s how you can set up a regular maintenance contract with our company:

  • Fill out the form or call us to discuss your maintenance requirements. Our customer care executive will ask a few questions about your refrigeration systems and usage. This helps them determine what kind of plans you might need.
  • Once they understand your requirements, they recommend a schedule and provide a quote. They can also answer any questions you might have regarding the contract.
  • Once you sign the contract, our technicians will arrive at your location on a predetermined schedule to ensure your display fridge functions properly.

Regular maintenance minimises wear and tear, and extends the lifespan of an appliance. The fridge will also deliver a more reliable performance if you maintain it well. If you want to know more about commercial display fridges repairs and maintenance, just get in touch with us at Sub Zero Refrigeration Systems today. Call us on 0416 548 278 or fill in this contact us form.