Beer Chillers

Beer Chillers

If you run a bar, a club, or a restaurant, you probably have several beer chillers. These appliances keep the beer fresh and zesty so they’re ready to serve to the clients. Malfunctioning beer chillers can force you to shut down your business for a day or weeks and that can lead to a loss of revenue. You might also be forced to discard all the beer stored in the chillers, which can add to your expenses. At Sub Zero Refrigeration Systems, we can handle all problems with beer chillers and can make sure they’re up and running quickly.

What are the Common Beer Chillers Problems? 

Beer chillers are used often and are placed in stressful environments. Chillers in popular bars tend to endure a lot of abuse and can become damaged quickly. Here are some of the common problems with these appliances. 

  • Beer is Flat and Bland – The beer will taste flat and bland if the chillers don’t cool the liquid to the right temperature. The beverage shouldn’t be too cold or too warm to get the right flavour. If all your beer batches have the same problem, you should call us immediately. Our technician will examine the system to determine the root cause of the problem and repair it.
  • The Beer Doesn’t Dispense Properly – If the beers don’t dispense properly, there might be a problem with the internal dispensing system. Things like debris or ice build-up can obstruct the channel. Our technicians will open the chillers and examine the internal system for clogs and damage and conduct the needed repairs.
  • Excessive Condensation – If there’s a pool of water around the chillers, you have a problem with condensation and seals. Excessive condensation can cause a number of problems and create an unsanitary environment within your bar. Our technicians will carefully check the seals and the temperature settings to determine the cause of the condensation and repair them.

How Can We Help? 

The best way to avoid unexpected breakdowns and serious damage is to perform regular maintenance on the appliance. Our technicians can examine and service your beer chillers regularly on a predetermined schedule. Regular maintenance will also extend the life of your chillers and help you save some money.

Unfortunately, breakdowns can happen even if you take the right precautions and maintain your beer chillers well. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency repair services. If your beer chillers stop working unexpectedly, you can give us a call and expect a quick response. Our lines are open 24/7 so there’s always someone available to help you.

Why Us? 

We’re a licensed and certified company with over 20 years of experience in this industry. You can trust is to provide reliable services and good quality spare parts. Our services are affordable and our billing is straightforward so you don’t need to be concerned about any hidden costs.

If you want to know more about commercial beer chillers repairs and maintenance, just get in touch with us at Sub Zero Refrigeration Systems today. Call us on 0416 548 278 or fill in this contact us form.