Commercial Freezer Repairs in Perth

Freezers are a common feature in hospitality and restaurant businesses. These establishments rely on the appliances to preserve the perishables and keep them in a consumable condition. Commercial freezers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and constant use, but they too can break down or cause problems eventually. At Sub Zero Refrigeration Services, we offer comprehensive commercial freezer repairs in Perth. With us in your corner, you’ll never have to worry about delay in repairs or poor quality services.

Common Freezer Problems 

We’ve been a part of this industry for more than 20 years and have handled several freezer repair jobs. Our technicians are familiar with different freezer problems and can address them well. They’re also familiar with different brands and models available in the market and conduct the repairs according to manufacturer’s instructions. Over the years we’ve encountered a number of freezer problems and some of the common ones are:

  • Freezer Doesn’t Work At All – This can happen due to a number of reasons, including poor energy supply or a loose connection. If the power supply works well and other appliances work when they’re plugged into the same outlet, you need to give us a call. There might be something wrong with the freezer’s internal systems.
  • The Freezer Doesn’t Freeze – The freezer has a different function compared to ordinary refrigerators. They don’t just keep items cool, they freeze them completely in order to preserve them and prevent them from rotting. If your freezer only cools but doesn’t freeze the items stored inside, it needs professional assessment and repair.
  • Frost Build-up – Most modern freezers have an automatic defrost system that keeps the freezer free of ice build-up. If your freezer still has a frost build-up, it can be due to loose or damaged door gaskets, problems with the self-defrost systems, or the presence of humid air within the freezer. Our technicians will clean up the freezer coils and eliminate the frost before they perform the necessary repairs.
  • No Freezing Cycle – Freezers, like all cooling appliances, switch on and off to maintain internal temperatures according to the thermostat settings. If the compressor doesn’t switch periodically, your system will consume more electricity and the internal temperature will be too cold for some products. This usually happens if the thermostat isn’t functioning as it was supposed to. We will replace the thermostat and make sure the compressor cycles well.

These are few of the many problems we can handle so if you want excellent commercial freezer repair in Perth, just give us a call. We offer a wide range of services and have a solid customer care system in place so you can expect reliable services.

What Can You Expect from Us? 

We are a customer-oriented company and make sure our clients get prompt assistance. When you call us, you can expect the benefits mentioned below:

  • Prompt services – We offer 24/7 services so you can call us at any time or day and expect a quick response.
  • Expert advice – Our technicians are well-trained and have ample experience. They’ll always offer honest and good quality advice.
  • Affordable – We always keep customer interest in mind and prefer long-term associations over short-term profit. That’s one of the reasons why we keep our rates affordable.
  • Service Contracts – We always encourage clients to engage service contracts in order to maintain their freezers and minimise the likelihood of breakdowns.

If you want to know more about commercial freezer repairs in Perth, just get in touch with us at Sub Zero Refrigeration Services today. Call us on 08 62207526 or fill in this contact us form.