Commercial Coolroom Repairs in Perth

If you store and preserve a large number of perishables in your business, you need a commercial coolroom. These rooms are a cost-effective and a space-saving method of keeping the perishables safe and in good condition. Most Australian businesses have one on their premises and some homeowners install them in their homes as well. Coolrooms are just as vulnerable to regular wear and tear as other appliances, which is why you need to have a commercial coolroom repairs in Perth expert on hand to ensure the feature always delivers the performance you need.

What are the Common Coolroom Problems? 

Coolrooms endure a lot of strain and are just as vulnerable to problems as other commercial installations. Some of the common problems that coolrooms are likely to develop include:

  • No Refrigeration – If there’s no refrigeration in coolrooms, the products stored inside will become spoiled. This can happen due to the switch being broken, a loose connection between the refrigerator systems or the power source, low or high line-voltage, or a malfunctioning circuit breaker.
  • Rotting Products – If some of the products are rotting after being stored in the refrigerator, there’s a clear problem in the system. This is usually because of uneven temperature distribution. Our technicians will carefully examine the entire coolroom to determine where the temperature is too warm before they provide solutions.
  • Warmer Temperature – This is one of the most common problems in coolrooms. If the temperature is warmer than the original setting temperature, there’s a problem with the system. This usually happens because the refrigeration unit isn’t sufficient enough to cool the volume of products stored in the room. The warmer temperature can also be due to poor airflow and larger room size. This malfunction is common in Australia because of the intense outdoor temperatures.
  • Some Products Freeze – Over-freezing can also be a problem. This usually happens when the temperature setting is too high or if the evaporator coils send air directly to the products and cause the contents to freeze.

What’s Included in Our Cool Room Repairs? 

At Sub Zero Refrigeration, we offer a comprehensive repair service and have expert technicians who can handle all kinds of cool room problems. Here’s a brief introduction to what’s included in our services:

  • Assessment – Our technician will first run a complete diagnostic on your coolroom to determine the true cause of the problem. They’re very thorough and meticulous so they don’t miss the real problem, and will address it in their repairs.
  • Estimate – Once the assessment is complete, our technicians will provide a report and an estimated cost of the repairs. Unless there are unexpected problems during the repairs, this cost will remain the same. Our pricing is straightforward and clear so you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs.
  • Repairs – Once you agree with the repairs and estimate, our technician will proceed with the job and get the repairs done. Your room will be up and running in no time.
  • 24/7 Response – We have a great customer service team and offer 24/7 support. You can call us at any time and on any day for emergency repairs. Our technicians will arrive at your business location as soon as they can to conduct the repairs. They’ll also arrive in fully equipped vans so they won’t have to make multiple trips to get the cool room repairs done.

If you want to know more about commercial coolroom repairs in Perth, just get in touch with us at Sub Zero Refrigeration Services today. Call us on 08 62207526 or fill in this contact us form.